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Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart

Your dream flight
is also our dream flight.

Ballooning is a passion, a way of life, an expertise. 

We are happy to share our dream with you.

Skyview is the number-one balloon expert.

Skyview Balloons has a rock-solid reputation. The company was founded in 1989 by Dany Vanneste. The current manager Ramses Vanneste is a pilot boasting international experience. In the meantime, he has performed more than 3700 flights. The extensive experience within the company guarantees a carefree balloon flight. 

Skyview Balloons is the place to be for a top package.  


See you soon 

Ramses & Crew

Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart

Fly with a top team!  

Ramses is the Belgian record holder in endurance and long-distance flying with a flight of 1095km!


For more than 80 times, Ramses has flown the trans-Alpine route from Munich across the Alps to Venice! With impressive altitudes up to more than 6000 metres. 


Ramses was the first Belgian to fly with tourists over the Serengeti in Africa thanks to his expertise.

Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart
Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart
Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart
Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart
Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart

Safety & Comfort!

At Skyview Balloons you are assured of using the latest equipment that complies with the strictest European safety regulations. We fly super comfortable baskets fitted with compartments and state-of-the-art balloons.. 

Shuttle service

What makes Skyview Balloons unique is our all-in approach. We provide a shuttle service to bring you back to the point of departure. 

No worries, we bring you back safely.

Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart

Experienced crew

The experienced pilots and crew of Skyview Balloons guarantee a correct course of your balloon flight at all times. You will enjoy their professional explanations on the ground as well as in the balloon. 

Say Cheese!

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Skyview Balloons - Luchtballonvaart

Ideal gift

Offer a balloon flight as a gift! Order your gift card here and send your friend, family or loved one to the seventh heaven!

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